The Grange, Rockhampton | Residential Design

The Grange

Description Residence Design
Status Designed 2018

Stea were engaged to design a new multi-million-dollar residence in Rockhampton.  The site included three existing houses.  There was only a narrow connection between the three sites which created a significant design challenge. The client was desirous of a three-level house to maximise the commanding views. The resultant house featured a north and south pavilion. The northern pavilion houses informal living areas connecting with terraces, a pool , family play areas and a tennis court.  The southern, a more formal lounge, children’s areas and a top floor recreation area. To accommodate the site levels the northern pavilion was set half a level lower than the south and connected via a lift and a staircase.  Simple modernist forms are used to break down the scale of the building and respond to the climate, ensuring natural ventilation and shading.