Our services and specialisation

Stea offers a complete range of architectural services encompassing planning, design and construction to deliver timeless designs that complement the natural and built environment. We specialise in bespoke solutions that deliver optimum value. We listen and beginning with the end in mind.

We continue to innovate and adopt new technologies and materials as they become available. Long before it was fashionable we were integrating environmentally sustainable design to reduce ongoing energy and operational costs.


Begin with the end in mind.  Our years of experience have taught us that today’s solution can easily become tomorrow’s problem.

We have developed and refined, through extensive implementation, a comprehensive master plan methodology. Adopting this methodology prior to design, addresses not only today’s needs, but your future demands without requiring significant and costly modification.  Our process encourages extensive key stakeholder consultation.  Our master planning process results in exceptional, enduring, adaptable, economic, and well accepted building solutions.


Stea has a track record in delivering creative functional design excellence. We have competed in excess of 2000 projects over the last 40 years. Our process includes confirmation of a comprehensive project brief.  We develop a detailed understanding of the individual project site encompassing its physical attributes and features, its relationship to it surrounding precinct and the climatic influences. Preliminary concepts are investigated and analysed, prior to presenting early broad-brush sketches and recommendations  for comment and review. This process continues until the best possible concept is identified.

Construction & Build

All aspects of the construction detail are documented along with a comprehensive materials specification.  This documentation is used for the construction of the building and for the seeking of competitive tenders.

Contract Administration

In this phase, we prepare and administer the construction of the project.  This includes ensuring the building is constructed in accordance with the documentation, as well as managing all queries, variations and extension of time requests.


Investment Maximisation

Through our knowledge and expertise we are able to overcome ‘insurmountable constraints’ of existing masterplans that deem replacement or relocation the ‘only’ viable solution.  We will advise how to realise substantial investment and operational savings. For more – Airport Capability Statement.

Our speciality is the creative utilisation of existing terminal buildings. Our firm has completed terminal area master plans, which have successfully changed the future development direction of the airports while realising substantial savings for the airport owners.


Environmentally sustainable design

We continue to innovate and adopt new technologies and materials as they become available. Long before it was fashionable we were integrating environmentally sustainable design to reduce ongoing energy and operational costs.