Hydeaway Bay Residential Project

Hydeaway Bay Residence

Description Residence Design
Status Designed 2018

This Hydaway Bay project consisted of the complete renovation and reinvention of a modest rectangle blockwork house located on an ideal tropical beachfront allotment.  We demolished all but the primary block walls and the slab of the existing house and installed a new ply face box forming the second level, diagonally across the existing footprint.   The box was expressed through the interior of the house with the underside cut out to provide a void over the lounge, a visual connection with the lower level. New upward sweeping roofs were provided on each side of the box, providing a welcoming rising roof to the entry on the street side and to the beach on the seaside.

Timber louvered ends to the box and generous sliding panels to the North and South provided great natural light and ventilation as well as security for the dwelling when it was unoccupied.

The house works functionally and climatically and has weathered subsequent cyclones without damage or water infiltration.