Lord Howe Island Airport

Lord Howe Island Airport Terminal

Description New Terminal
Status Completed 2016

The terminal itself is a relatively small building catering for two simultaneous Dash 8 aircraft with a seating capacity of 30 passengers each.

The project had significant considerations to take into account including no building materials being available on-site, world heritage classifications on the island and all power on the island being provided by diesel generators.

Due to the World Heritage classification of the island, and the necessity of maintaining the island’s bio uniqueness, materials such as sand and timber must be treated prior to delivery to the island.

We designed a new terminal building on the site of the existing terminal utilising existing slabs and foundations and as much recycled material retrieved from the existing building as possible.

We applied specific construction techniques to minimise the remote area construction premium and energy consumption as all power on the island is provided by diesel generators.

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