Kucom Theatre | Shipping Container Design

Kucom Theatre

Description Concept Design
Status Designed 2013

The concept design for the Kucom Theatre provided unique and extremely noticeable premises for a small amateur theatre company. Our concept used shipping containers as the primary structural form with economical sandwich panel infills providing the articulated roof form, niches for the required lighting rails, and access walkways.

Shipping containers were placed end on end to create side walls supporting two additional containers spanning between as the Theatre Gallery.  An inclined vertical container was then utilised to provide an access stairway and generate a striking architectural form.

Access through the inclined side wall containers provided safe access to lighting grids as well as the required internal acoustic dispersion.

It was anticipated that the unique presentation of this experimental building would significantly lift the profile of the amateur theatre company and provide an exceedingly high level of public recognition as to their location.